Life Chanllenges

Some of you may know that are following me on my other social media accounts that my home caught fire in May. Well we still have not made it back home as of yet. Doing hotel living:(

It has been a challenge trying to balance writing music, booking shows, publishing completed works, registering songs .... bla bla bla it goes on and on. Not to mention family events, life changes, and the daily necessities. Now compile all of those things on with the daily demands of working with all the contractors on a daily basis to get my house rebuilt. Somethings got to give. 

My music has been what has taken the biggest lose due to all of the rebuilding and time away from my creative process with music. I had set my goal to have a total of 30 songs completed and out to the world by the end of this year. At this point I am running a little behind now. 

Saying all of that, yes I'm currently running behind on the number of songs - but the songs I do have coming out are Awesome!!! I will be doing an acoustic album with me solo playing and recording from my displaced location - soooo that will be exciting for me! It will be the first time I have completed everything without outside help from start to finish. 

Due to the additional cost I have occurred with all the life stuff (house fire, living out) it has delayed me from working with a professional studio. Oooh but Now-  I have a Pro in Nashville that is currently working with me. He  has enough of my New songs to produce a whole New album with the entire band sound and feel Everyone Loves!!!! 

I am really excited for what the future has in store for my music journey. From the feedback I've received "these  songs are going to be Epic!"

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